Best Brain Supplements – My Results and Research

Welcome to my site. As an Entrepreneur I have started using brain supplements to get more focus and concentration, remove brain fog and allow myself to work longer hours throughout the day.

I have gotten quite obsessed with these supplements and wanted to share my results and research so that you can get the most benefit from them yourself. I have included different brain supplement reviews as well as my research into different nootropic compounds and nutrients.

Below, I have listed out my top brain supplements including their key benefits so you can make a choice based on your specific need.

Top 3 Brain Supplements for 2018

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The Quick and Dirty on my Top 3:

1. Mind Lab Pro

  • Best all-around brain supplement on the market
  • Great for mental clarity and getting rid of brain fog
  • I saw massive boosts in focus throughout the day when I took it
  • I was definitely more productive
  • Helps with memory retention
  • Contains great dosage levels of ingredients that have been clinically proven to work.
  • Compeletely natural and safe
  • Contains Phosphatidylserine which is one of my favorite natural nootropics and has been approved by the FDA to work

It works well for:

  • Students and studying (focus, mental stamina and memory retention)
  • Executives and Professionals (focus, productivity and mental stamina)
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Athletes (focus and drive)
  • If you are over 55 years of age and want to regain mental clarity and memory function.

Mind Lab Pro is one of the best supplements out there for memory, clarity, focus and productivity. It is my favorite brain supplement that I have personally taken so far.

The Only Place You Can Buy Mind Lab Pro is

For more info read my full Mind Lab Pro review.


2. OptiMind

  • Specifically formulated to increase focus and energy levels
  • Great if increasing focus is your primary goal
  • They offer a free sample pack of 10 tablets to see if you like it
  • Contains Phosphatidylserine (my favorite ingredient)
  • Considerably cheaper than Mind Lab Pro
  • Completely safe and natural
  • Lots of great user reviews online
  • No reported side effects

OptiMind is a great product if you are looking for focus and energy throughout the day. This supplement isn’t as strong for memory or mental stamina late into the night as Mind Lab Pro. However if you are professional or want this for your work then it will really help you to maximize those eight to ten hours you are there. More focus means you will get a lot more done and more energy means you will be motivated to take on challenging tasks.

For these reasons I would go with OptiMind if you are an executive or professional who is looking for more focus, productivity and energy throughout the day. Students and people looking for memory benefits are better off with Mind Lab Pro. Optimind offers a free trial pack for those who are looking to test it out before committing to a purchase.

Click Here to Get a Free Sample Pack of OptiMind


3. NooCube

  • Contains L-theanine and Bacopa both of which are scientifically proven to boost cognitive functioning.
  • Much cheaper than Mind Lab Pro (although not as well formulated)
  • Does not contain Phosphatidylserine which I don’t like
  • Safe and all natural formula

Noocube is an OK all-around product which may do something for you. However, it is not as well formulated as Mind Lab Pro or Optimind so I would personally go with one of those two. The only up-side is it’s price tag, which is coniderably cheaper than Mind Lab Pro. If price is an issue for you, I would suggest Optimind which comes with a free trial and after that is priced at a similar level as NooCube.

To be honest there is really no reason to take Noocube. However if you want more info you can read my full Noocube review.

Click here to buy Noocube or find out more from the manufacturer.


What are Brain Supplements?

Brain supplements are made up of mostly natural and safe ingredients that are stacked together into a formula that is designed to enhance cognitive function. People take them for a variety of reasons including increasing memory, focus and concentration, energy and general cognitive performance. They are often taken by students, professionals and even athletes who are looking for an edge.

The term nootropic is used pretty loosely however for the purpose of this website I am referring to nootropics and brain supplements as being two different categories as defined below.

Nootropics – when I refer to nootropics I am referring to individual chemicals, nutrients or plants that provide cognitive enhancing benefits. For the most part I am only looking at nootropics that have minimal to no side effects and are naturally occurring. Wherever I mention something that is artificial or might have side effects, I will provide a note mentioning that.

Brain Supplements – Formulas where individual nootropics have been stacked together into one supplement. These supplements are far more powerful than individual nootropics because they are formulated so that the individual nootropic ingredients work together to boost different areas of cognitive function.

I only take brain supplements that use mostly natural ingredients and have no side effects. I am very careful about impacting my long term health, so you will not find much information on artificial smart drugs on this website.

Staying Safe

When using these types of products, it’s important to stay safe and not harm your short or long term health. A lot of supplements are not really held to any regulations and can basically put whatever they want in their ingredients formula (within reason obviously). The danger with this is that you get a lot of companies who try to sell cheap and useless products. It’s one thing if the product doesn’t work and you just lose a bit of money but quite another if you end up experiencing bad side effects, especially long term damage to your health.

I think I have done a pretty good job of filtering out the harmful nootropics and just recommending the safe and natural ones that I either currently take or would be happy to take myself. However, when it comes to your health you can never be too careful, getting a professional opinion from your doctor is always a good idea.

Top 5 Nootropic Ingredients To Look For in a Brain Supplement

If you are wondering what ingredients to look for in a brain supplement, then this list below should be of help. These nootropics have all been tested and scientifically proven to provide cognitive benefits.

Phosphatidylserine – This is the ingredient that a lot of brain supplement have in common and probably the top one that I would look for. It is FDA approved for reducing cognitive decline. It may enhance memory functions and promote positivity while reducing cognitive decline with age.

Theanine – Specifically L-Theanine is the best. It helps with creating a feeling of calmness as well as increasing focus at the same time, getting you into the perfect state for a long work or study session.

Lions Mane – Lion’s Mane mushroom is a common nootropic that is recommended by a number of experts including Tim Ferriss who uses Lions Mane mushroom coffee. Clinical trials have shown that Lions Mane mushroom increases mood and overall cognitive function.

Citicoline – Research and trials on humans have shown that Citicoline promotes mood, memory, attention, focus and concentration. It also protects the brain against age-related decline.

Bacopa Monnieri – This herb has long been used as a solution to anxiety and as a way to improve cognitive function. Studies on Bacopa use by elderly people has shown significant improvement in memory formation.

Although there are other great herbal and natural nootropics out there on the market, these five are definitely my favourite and I would encourage anyone who is looking to purchase brain supplements to look out for them in the ingredients formula.

In-Depth Brain Supplement Reviews

Don’t forget, I have written in-depth reviews of each brain supplement that I have researched or tried. Feel free to read these reviews if you feel like you want a more in-depth look at each product, especially the ingredients formula.

Below you can find all of my supplement reviews, I will updating this list as I find new products to review.

  1. Mind Lab Pro review
  2. Optimind review
  3. Noocube review

Other supplements I have reviewed: