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Imagine being able to focus for hours and increase your memory retention so you can keep working for longer and more effectively. This sounds like my dream.

This is why I started to do a lot of research into brain supplements along with foods that I could consume. I began to come across a few big names and a supplement that I did take a look at was “Cogniflex.”

Here is more on the supplement.

What Is Cogniflex?

This is a brain supplement created by Sure Science in a bid to help boost one’s cognitive performance. They point towards three benefits with this supplement including improved memory, better focus, and enhanced creativity.

Most people are looking for this on a regular basis.

Cogniflex is designed to help bolster performance in a hurry rather than taking months to work.

Who Is it For?

They haven’t picked a select group to target, and it’s more of a generic product made for people of all ages.

For example, when I was going through my research, I noticed people from all walks of life were looking into this supplement and were happy with it. I saw athletes who were performing at a high level, college students on my campus, and even professors looking to get through all of that pesky grading!

I was impressed with the variety in who was taking it. I didn’t expect it.

How Does Cogniflex Work?

This is like any other nootropic brain supplement, which means you are going to take it once a day in the form of a capsule. You are going to take it with water, and it’s going to be digested immediately.

The ingredients are 100% natural and will work as designed.

Sure Science has put in the time to make sure it is quick-acting and doesn’t become an elongated process. For most people, that’s a must as you’re already stressed and looking to get started on your work or whatever is in front of you.

In that case, you will know this is marketed for that reality.


What is found in Cogniflex when you pick up the capsule? What are some of the key ingredients you are going to get?

1) L-Carnitine
2) Bacopa Monnieri

These are the main ingredients you are going to find in Cogniflex.

For me, I have found L-Carnitine does an excellent job. Research has shown it to be a significant cognitive enhancer that is easy to digest and works well [1].

Bacopa Monnieri also has a wide-ranging set of studies to back up its ability as a cognitive enhancer and general booster [2].


The testimonials associated with this product are illuminating and state a lot about what the product offers for those who have used it or are still using it.

They all believe it is powerful for a natural solution and does work well. Those who are consistently putting it to use are going to get the best benefits from it. The “boost” does not take long to impact your brain, and that helps when you are on a deadline.

Most people state they enjoy how the packaging is designed as it is easy to carry around with them.

Side Effects

The side effects are minimal and relatively rare with Cogniflex.

Studies have shown there are a few minor side effects that can happen in rare cases. For example, if someone takes a higher dosage than recommended, it is possible to deal with nausea and vomiting. This has to do with L-carnitine and how it reacts to the body in higher dosages.

It is best only to follow what has been listed on the package for this reason.

Too much of anything is not good for you and that also includes natural brain supplements such as Cogniflex. You want to be moderate with your usage.

What I Like About Cogniflex

I had a lot to like about Cogniflex as I was using it. I thought it was easy to digest. I didn’t feel like it was weighing me down or becoming hard to deal with later on in the day.

It was also well-packaged. It was not difficult to carry around with me on campus, so that was a neat touch.

I also loved the fact it was effective because, in the end, that is what matters. No point of a brain supplement doesn’t work right?! I thought it worked well for me and was consistent in it’s results.

What I Dislike About Cogniflex

What didn’t I like about this product? I felt it was a little weak on the amount of information present online. They didn’t do a good job of showcasing its value, and that is a bummer. With so many products being sold these days in the brain supplement market, they could have put a lot more effort into this aspect of the business.

As for the supplement itself, I thought it was good enough and did what it claimed to do.

For some, the price might be a factor as well, but that is a budgeting concern.


Should you go out and get it? As long as you have the money to spend, you’re going to enjoy this supplement. They have made it with attention to detail and that’s something you can spot every step of the way.

I am impressed with how neatly they have put it all together. It looks professional and works well.

In my case, side effects were not an issue, so if you’re looking for a natural, high-grade option, you’re not going to go wrong with this at all. It will do the trick for most people in helping you focus and see better results.

Where to buy Cogniflex

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