Mind Lab Pro vs Qualia

Quick Overview (you can dig into the details below):


  • 42 ingredients – very comprehensive formula
  • Very potent – will give you a big kick
  • Designed for neurohackers
  • Not all natural – has man made ingredients
  • Expensive – $149 for 1 month supply.

Mind Lab Pro:

  • Only 11 ingredients (so less potent than qualia)
  • Works well for students, entrepreneurs, professionals, athletes and the elderly
  • 100% natural and safe
  • I use this – it works great for me!
  • Medium price range – click here to check the current price.
  • Can only buy from the official website – www.mindlabpro.com

Just in case you need a refresher, the Mind Lab Pro supplement has eleven different ingredients that are known to target specific brain functions. It is said to improve energy, memory, mood, and focus. Some people associate this supplement with older professionals who are dealing with memory issues, but the truth is that it can help anyone.

Qualia is known for its kick. It contains 42 ingredients that are made to help with concentration, focus, memory, and learning. Other ingredients, like antioxidants, are meant to help fight aging. You might have heard health enthusiasts talking about this ingredient. It is special because antioxidants protect you from free radicals. These harmful molecules travel through the body and damage healthy cells.

A Closer Look at the Ingredients

You probably know some of the ingredients in these supplements, so I am not going to bore you with a list of all of them. We will just zoom in on a few.

Mind Lab Pro

Let’s highlight some of the superstars in the Mind Lab Pro supplement, which include citicoline. This ingredient has been found to help regenerate brain cells, which means that cognitive functions might be improved if needed.

Another superstar ingredient is phosphatidylserine, which seems to improve the interconnectivity between neurotransmitters naturally. This could lead to enhanced cognitive functions like problem-solving and forming memories.


One important ingredient in the Qualia formula is magnesium threonate. The body has a hard time absorbing this mineral, which is why it needs to be bound with something else to be adequately used by the body. Magnesium threonate is special because that binding is already done for you. This form of magnesium can be absorbed by the body easily and can make its way to the brain. It is there where it helps improve brain functions like learning, working memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory.

B12 is another star attraction, though it does come in the methylcobalamin form. Most supplements offer the cyanocobalamin option in their formulas. The problem is that your body does not absorb cyanocobalamin too easily, plus your body has to work harder to get rid of it since it can only take so much of this form of B12. This could be the reason why Qualia decided to use the methylcobalamin B12 variation. This form of B12 has also been found to boost learning abilities and prevent brain shrinkage, which may happen as you age.

So far, it is pretty hard to decide, right? I am not trying to confuse you but rather point out that they are both quite powerful and can help you reach your full potential. The only thing I want to remind you of is Mind Lab Pro does not contain caffeine.

Those who are trying to free themselves of that jittery feeling that you get with caffeine, might not want Qualia. This product contains a form of caffeine that is blended with additional ingredients that make it easier for your body to absorb, making Qualia the best supplement for caffeine lovers.

Pros and Cons

It is here where I am going to do my best to separate the two so that the choice is a little clearer for you.

You already know about the caffeine difference between the two, which should help some of you, but there is more to explore. For example, Qualia is one of the most expensive supplements out there, making it a pretty big investment that could be hard for some. Now, it should be noted that this supplement does contain almost every ingredient known to improve mental functions, so you get what you paid for.

Furthermore, many of the ingredients that make Mind Lab Pro special are in Qualia as well.

So far, it seems that the only thing that Mind Lab Pro has in its favor is that it is affordable and does not contain caffeine, but its small number of ingredients is a positive thing, too. A supplement like Qualia could be too harsh on the body. This is why Mind Lab Pro is recommended for those who are just starting to take these types of supplements. You can think of it like this: Qualia is your Lamborghini while Mind Lab Pro is your Nissan. One is practical and the other is crazy, but can be incredibly good if you know how to use it.

Personally I use Mind Lab Pro and it works just great for me. Read my full Mind Lab Pro review.

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