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Is OptiMind The Right Nootropic For You?

OptiMind is a relatively new nootropic supplement that has been appearing more and more on social media sites. For those of you who don’t already know, a nootropic is a supplement that is designed to improve your cognitive function. It’s a great idea, but unfortunately, there are a lot of products that claim to be nootropics without delivering real results.

Does that mean that all nootropic supplements are scams? Absolutely not. The internet is crawling with scams related to the health industry, but there are still quite a few legitimate products. I’m here to review OptiMind and to let you know if this is one of those legitimate supplements or if it’s just another scam that you need to avoid.

AlternaScript LLC, the company that manufacturers OptiMind, labels the product as a “safe and healthy” supplement that will improve focus, energy, and mental performance. This is a concept that will appeal to many. So who exactly is OptiMind designed for?

Who Is It For?

In a broad sense, it’s designed for anyone who wants to see a mental performance boost. I’m sure most of us have wanted this at some point or another. Not only can an effective nootropic increase your focus, but it can improve your memory and problem-solving skills. There’s a reason they are often referred to as “smart pills”.

More specifically, there are some people who could really benefit from such a product. This includes:

– Business owners.

– College students.

– Athletes.

That’s right, OptiMind isn’t just reserved for scientists and engineers. People who spend their days trying to solve problems or reach goals could seriously benefit from an increased mental performance.

Business owners will enjoy the focus, energy, and memory retention. It will make it easier for them to remember figures and develop complex marketing strategies. Their productivity will increase and their business could potentially grow because of this.

Students, of course, could benefit in many ways. They often spend their days solving problems, writing papers, and doing homework. Now they will have the memory retention necessary to absorb and learn the material. They’ll also have the energy and focus necessary to accomplish their work assignments on time.

Similarly, athletes will benefit from the energy boost and the increased focus. They will be able to work harder and make smarter choices while training or practicing. This results in a better performance the next time they take the field with their team.

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What Are The Ingredients?

What is it about OptiMind that makes it so effective? As a supplement, it all boils down to the combination of ingredients used. This is one area where OptiMind stands out from the competition. They use a combination of safe ingredients that they selected based on 50 years of neuroscience research. There are a total of 12 key ingredients that work together to deliver a powerful boost of focus and energy. Those ingredients are:

1. Gaba

2. Phosphatidylserine

3. Vitamin D-3

4. Alpha Lipoic Acid

5. Caffeine

6. Huperzine A

7. Tyrosine

8. Taurine

9. Vitamin B-12

10. Sulbutiamine

11. Vinpocetine

12. Bacopa Monnieri

Chances are, some of these ingredients are very familiar to you. More than 90 percent of Americans consume caffeine on a daily basis. Taurine is a very common ingredient that you’ll often find in energy drinks. And it’s impossible to read a health blog without finding at least one article describing the powerful properties of Vitamin B-12.

Each of these ingredients provides a unique boost to your mental capacity. Bacopa, for example, has been in use for thousands of years with various ancient civilizations and tribes. One of its unique benefits is that it greatly improves verbal learning.

Tyrosine has been the subject of study for decades now. It is often used to treat depression, reduce stress, and improves focus. It has also been shown to replenish resources used to retain memories. It’s one of the hardest working ingredients in the capsules.

Taurine is commonly used in energy drinks and even some foods. It’s been shown to reduce anxiety and increase focus. Studies have shown that taurine has a sort of protective effect on the brain. It’s even known to slightly reduce the risk of developing diabetes by controlling insulin levels, but of course you don’t take nootropics for that reason. It’s simply another interesting and unique benefit.

These twelve ingredients combine to create one of the most powerful nootropics on the market. One that doesn’t simply act as a stimulant with a huge crash. Rather, it uses ingredients that protect brain functions and replenish the resources your body uses on a constant basis. The result is a one-of-a-kind formula that actually works.

What Are Others Saying?

You’re always advised to read what other customers are saying before you purchase a product. The same applies to nootropics. It’s an easy way to tell if a product is just a scam or delivers actual results. So what are people saying about OptiMind?

Overall, the reviews have been extremely positive. Many customers held a high degree of skepticism when they purchased the supplement. They had likely been burnt in the past by products that didn’t work. In the end, they were all pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of OptiMind.

Only a could have claimed that it doesn’t work, but that is likely because they had unreal expectations. It’s not going to turn you into a genius overnight. It’s simply going to help you make better use of your brain.

Are There Side Effects?

OptiMind, like all drugs, has some side effects. These are typically very mild. They include:

– Insomnia.

– Restlessness.

– Over-stimulation.

These side effects are fairly similar to what would happen if you drank too much coffee. Stick to the recommended dosage and stop taking if the side effects seem severe or uncomfortable. Finally, let’s consider some pros and cons.


– A 10-day free trial is available.

– Safe and healthy ingredients.

– Supported by decades of medical research.


– You can only buy them online.


So are these worth the money? If you want a subtle boost to your mental performance, then absolutely. As long as you have realistic expectations it will not disappoint you.

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